University News

The goal of this project was to reskin the RIT News page which currently looks like this. I was frustrated by the weak hierarchy and the lack of visual appeal. With this reskin, I wanted to bring life and color to the everyday viewers of this page.

Through a series of iterations the final design was achieved. Bellow are the two rounds of major iteration, as well as the final result.


UI, Visual Design

Itteration 01

With my first set of iterations, the goal was to achieve a news site that was fun and exciting. I wanted the user to feel Playful, Happy, and Energetic.

My main inspiration for the design came from the iconic OP-1, an electronic synthesizer made by the Teenage Engineering.


Itteration 02

Upon completing the first round of iterations I found the design to be off mark. It felt confused both in its aesthetic quality and in its hierarchy. I decided to iterate through the design with a different set of emotions. I wanted the user to feel Allured, Elegant, and Youthful.